It was a great night
A night to remember
Music traveling in our hearts
So much vibe
But there’s that one thing that,
Made it so great
How I always wanted to meet one
She was just as “BRIGHT”
Like sunlight
Among the crowd

Like no other in the ballroom
There she was
Easily identified…
Her eyes
I could see her “SOUL” shine
I could feel her “OLD” heart
Words of “TRUTH” she speaks
Not to me but I could link
I should take this as a gift
Mama told me about them
They are like a “THOUSAND YEARS OLD”!
But how silly it is
Such soul in a “BEAUTIFUL”
Could be so old!
Mama also said they are “RARE”
If you see one
It would be of luck

They are like “SUPERHEROES”
How lucky we are

Where do they hide I ask?
Their “LIVES” are so “DIFFERENT”
Oh my!
Must I approach her?
Oh it would be the most incredible thing!
I’m going to do just that
The excitement
Ohhh I can’t wait to hear her voice
A golden case of “WISE” “WORDS”
Out her mouth
I can’t wait
Oh by the way
She was an “AULDE” soul in red…

Published by Chlee


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