Old soul are real, yeah because I am one. These souls are not just ordinary,they know beyond their age yet they are young,they understand and feel things better without them having to experience them,when we call them old souls that doesn’t mean they are old but,they have wisdom and knowledge that no ordinary person can have,they are intuitive, highly sensitive,they see the world differently and that different way of seeing the world is how we all should see it…You worrying and stressing about things they just don’t understand why the worry and the stressing and yet those things you’re stressing and worrying about they believe that they are unnecessary and stupid,they always believe there is another way of doing things. Materialism is meaningless to them,money to them it’s just something you use to survive but not something that you carry in your heart,they carry money on their hands but never in their hearts so money is not love,money is not a blessing to them but what completes them is love,soul connection with great people.They are spiritual and yet they spiritually pure.These souls have  difficult times, because of what they want is not really possible for them in this kind of society,they don’t love crowded places they feel drained when they are around many people,they love being alone and think things through, Oh yeah they really think too much and yet they are good thinkers. When it comes to love these souls love differently,The love many people give to each other is not as strong as the love old soul have,when they love they love and people who are in relationships with them are considered blessed or lucky the reason why they love differently is because of their maturity, knowing how to soul connect with someone, they also rarely find people who understand them, love them the way they want to be loved it’s just difficult for them.
They are also highly sensitive,they feel to much.They know that it’s never about age it’s about who you are, it’s just never about age but to the society it is about age that’s why while many things society agree on they disagree with it,yet they are outsiders to the society.They are very gifted, and talented,they can do so many things, it’s like they are in the centre of the world, but they don’t want it that way even though their actions say so, these people are also humble,free spirited, they love exploration, adventure,they love harmonic or peaceful places,they don’t love distractions,chaos,sadness they associate themselves away from such vibe not because they are selfish or inconsiderate,they just don’t understand why, it’s like to them the way we do things in the world is by choice, we have Jesus Christ the son of God,our Lord why are we making things pretty hard and difficult,they are supernatural in other words,their reality is supernatural life not this…They know everything and the greatest part about them is that they feel and understand things better…They are very intelligent of course you can’t mess with this souls!They are world changers, peacemakers,they are so good at giving advices at their age it surprises people. They are afraid to express themselves sometimes people will not understand them that’s why they don’t feel free around those whom they can’t relate with. I repeat, they can relate to those who understand them and those who are like them.

I am an old soul, I am not the only one,
This information I gave you tells you that I am, I’m human too, I’m not perfect but I know what I know that is true, Jesus Christ is the answer, let’s all know that, supernatural living is our reality…
This is not to differentiate us with people but we carry the truth, we know what’s happening in the world, it’s like we’ve been here before, like we have lived before

Yes we are few, that’s why when people come across the people like us, they don’t know and understand the type of people we are. We are not trying to separate ourselves from others and want attention in a bad intentions but we are told, we are awaken

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5 thoughts on “OLD SOULS

  1. This is true. I have been told by many people in my life I am separate from society but yet I am always available. I have autism and my IQ is above 200. I have always been wiser than others. My mom told me I saved her life because I taught her patience and uncondianal love. Her and my father were addicts and in the beginning they were abusive together but after they divorced things slowly got better. I am proud to say I raised my parents because they needed me and I needed them. If I wasn’t born with handicaps they would have died before I was five. It can be both a blessing and curse. I have been aware of the changes around me longer then most people, I started sharing my thoughts when i was seven years old, my mom would stay up until 1:00 am talking with me. She called me a philosopher and it stuck with me. It caused me to be a fearful child but a fearless adult. I still think like a child though, I am always in awe! with nature and the behaviors of others. I have come to acceptance I will never understand them but I love them. It keeps me busy. Jesus Christ saved me many times. My faith grows everyday because I can feel his creation and I am part of the plan. I can’t explain why I know things without being taught. Maybe someday we will have the answers we so deeply desire? But I hope not, I get bored if there’s nothing to seek. The meaning to philosopher is lover of knowledge and to share knowledge. What I seek is knowledge and to share what I find with anyone who is interested. 🙂

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    1. First of all, I’m so happy to talk to someone that I can relate with, thank you so much

      I understand where you come from, your story is no different from mine, except for your parents being addicts. I’m really excited to talk to you… I can relate…
      Sometimes you feel drained when you’re around others, I feel like that ALL THE TIME, many people have told me that I look lost… Yet yes I do

      Thank you so much for sharing your story, you just made my day, I love talking to people that understand me, I’m barely around with them, I’m surrounded by those that don’t understand me as if I’m speaking a different language…It sucks
      May God bless you


      1. I use to feel the same. I had to learn acceptance. It can take time. I meditate and pray a lot. I set up a safe quite place for my meditation. It helps. I can clear my mind and rest at the end of the day. I think its important to be able to have space for yourself becuase you are a thinker. People can be tiring they seem lost when you learn that its not you that is lost it is the others who are lost. They are too busy to see what we see. When I was yonger i wanted to grow up because I knew when I get through this it will be easier the next time I have to face it. Just remember you are not alone. The more you communicate, the likelyhood you will find others grows. Bless you dear. I am glad you found me.

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      2. You’re so right, I’m not alone. That’s so true, you just gave me an idea, I should also set up a safe, quiet place for meditation too… Thank you so much for sharing this with me…


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