Pain is a choice…⚠️

People like making things so hard without realising how easy things are, they like stressing over things that are unnecessary and like creating pain and rather live with it.

I just don’t like being with negative people and in negative environments and a negative vibe I rather be called selfish, I just know that there’s a way of doing things not just being negative and stressed, I rather be called useless and heartless, because the Lord told us not to worry,stress and be miserable, we should call upon his name to what’s troubling us, positive minds and positive people always get things right and they never stress because we are supposed to be positive knowingly that Jesus Christ is with us, if we are negative with stuff, always stressing, no thing in your way will go right, you just have to be positive at everything no matter what. In this world you got nothing to lose that you would kill yourself with stress and anxieties…No!!!

And no one is going to force you to be something you’re not, but positivity conquers all.

Trust in the Lord, be positive about everything, feel free, be calm, be at peace, the Lord will bless you…

Maybe that’s why others think the Lord doesn’t exist is because when they pray to him, they pray with negativity in them, that’s why things don’t go in a right way because being negative you’re serving the Devil, that’s what he wants you to be, and looking at the way we act, we allow him to overpower us which is not good…Be positive, calm down and see how blessed you will be.

Negativities are of evil so you can’t serve two masters, you can’t use evil to pray to the Lord, don’t get this wrong.

Jesus Christ knows what you’re going through, it’s not like he doesn’t care about you or something, but when you are free of mind, calm in any situation and positive about everything, he will answer your prayers.

To me he does, not because I know that life is not all about money and materialism, but spiritually he blessed me, he shows me the truth everyday, every question I ask him, he answers me and he can to because I’m positive and I’m calm and I TRUST HIM. Because I’m not a materialistic person, life is never about money and all these fancy things, to me achievements are never of money and other materialistic things, but achievements are when you are one with the Lord and knowing the truth and understanding the world…That is life, this world is not life, we are being tested in these world so don’t get too comfortable with it, don’t be one with it because it’s cold and lifeless. It’s meant to be destroyed so don’t be destroyed with it…


Writing sets me free from all noises of the world, it takes me to a world of peace, it calms my heart and my soul, shines my day and purifies my moods, cures my heart. I don’t know if it’s talent or just but all I know is that, it’s all about your intelligence to determine that you’re a good writer, even then they will be even when you are not intelligent when you love writing, but still you remain as a writer. It defines your personality and grows peace in you and around you. It shows that you are a peaceful person…


It was a great night
A night to remember
Music traveling in our hearts
So much vibe
But there’s that one thing that,
Made it so great
How I always wanted to meet one
She was just as “BRIGHT”
Like sunlight
Among the crowd

Like no other in the ballroom
There she was
Easily identified…
Her eyes
I could see her “SOUL” shine
I could feel her “OLD” heart
Words of “TRUTH” she speaks
Not to me but I could link
I should take this as a gift
Mama told me about them
They are like a “THOUSAND YEARS OLD”!
But how silly it is
Such soul in a “BEAUTIFUL”
Could be so old!
Mama also said they are “RARE”
If you see one
It would be of luck

They are like “SUPERHEROES”
How lucky we are

Where do they hide I ask?
Their “LIVES” are so “DIFFERENT”
Oh my!
Must I approach her?
Oh it would be the most incredible thing!
I’m going to do just that
The excitement
Ohhh I can’t wait to hear her voice
A golden case of “WISE” “WORDS”
Out her mouth
I can’t wait
Oh by the way
She was an “AULDE” soul in red…


Old soul are real, yeah because I am one. These souls are not just ordinary,they know beyond their age yet they are young,they understand and feel things better without them having to experience them,when we call them old souls that doesn’t mean they are old but,they have wisdom and knowledge that no ordinary person can have,they are intuitive, highly sensitive,they see the world differently and that different way of seeing the world is how we all should see it…You worrying and stressing about things they just don’t understand why the worry and the stressing and yet those things you’re stressing and worrying about they believe that they are unnecessary and stupid,they always believe there is another way of doing things. Materialism is meaningless to them,money to them it’s just something you use to survive but not something that you carry in your heart,they carry money on their hands but never in their hearts so money is not love,money is not a blessing to them but what completes them is love,soul connection with great people.They are spiritual and yet they spiritually pure.These souls have  difficult times, because of what they want is not really possible for them in this kind of society,they don’t love crowded places they feel drained when they are around many people,they love being alone and think things through, Oh yeah they really think too much and yet they are good thinkers. When it comes to love these souls love differently,The love many people give to each other is not as strong as the love old soul have,when they love they love and people who are in relationships with them are considered blessed or lucky the reason why they love differently is because of their maturity, knowing how to soul connect with someone, they also rarely find people who understand them, love them the way they want to be loved it’s just difficult for them.
They are also highly sensitive,they feel to much.They know that it’s never about age it’s about who you are, it’s just never about age but to the society it is about age that’s why while many things society agree on they disagree with it,yet they are outsiders to the society.They are very gifted, and talented,they can do so many things, it’s like they are in the centre of the world, but they don’t want it that way even though their actions say so, these people are also humble,free spirited, they love exploration, adventure,they love harmonic or peaceful places,they don’t love distractions,chaos,sadness they associate themselves away from such vibe not because they are selfish or inconsiderate,they just don’t understand why, it’s like to them the way we do things in the world is by choice, we have Jesus Christ the son of God,our Lord why are we making things pretty hard and difficult,they are supernatural in other words,their reality is supernatural life not this…They know everything and the greatest part about them is that they feel and understand things better…They are very intelligent of course you can’t mess with this souls!They are world changers, peacemakers,they are so good at giving advices at their age it surprises people. They are afraid to express themselves sometimes people will not understand them that’s why they don’t feel free around those whom they can’t relate with. I repeat, they can relate to those who understand them and those who are like them.

I am an old soul, I am not the only one,
This information I gave you tells you that I am, I’m human too, I’m not perfect but I know what I know that is true, Jesus Christ is the answer, let’s all know that, supernatural living is our reality…
This is not to differentiate us with people but we carry the truth, we know what’s happening in the world, it’s like we’ve been here before, like we have lived before

Yes we are few, that’s why when people come across the people like us, they don’t know and understand the type of people we are. We are not trying to separate ourselves from others and want attention in a bad intentions but we are told, we are awaken


When you don’t feel at home on Earth
You are actually saying something to the rest
God can never give you something that you won’t benefit from it and others would… Everyone was made to be equal, everything that we should have should be beneficial to everyone…

So old souls what you feel is true
When you actually do not feel at home
You actually do not feel at home and that is saying something to the rest indeed
This is NOT home as long as evil lives in it…

Everything is just missing not just everything, but the truth…


The first cut is the deepest
My heart never felt the richest
In a cold world I was
You came to rescue me
Oh that’s right
I really never knew who I was
Nor what’s part of me
Always felt empty
You came
Momma you gave me the feeling
I never felt
A feeling I always dreamt of
The feeling no human can live without
You gave me love
My world is bright because of you
You opened my doors that were locked
In other words
You were my key to locked doors
All my heart
That love again
I never knew how lucky I was
I have lost something valuable
All the memories we had
Can never be lost
They will always be in my heart
You’re a rare
So as the love you gave me was fair
Because kindness didn’t cost anything
You left something in me
A feeling I have always dreamt of
You left
Rare love

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