Pain is a choice…⚠️

People like making things so hard without realising how easy things are, they like stressing over things that are unnecessary and like creating pain and rather live with it.

I just don’t like being with negative people and in negative environments and a negative vibe I rather be called selfish, I just know that there’s a way of doing things not just being negative and stressed, I rather be called useless and heartless, because the Lord told us not to worry,stress and be miserable, we should call upon his name to what’s troubling us, positive minds and positive people always get things right and they never stress because we are supposed to be positive knowingly that Jesus Christ is with us, if we are negative with stuff, always stressing, no thing in your way will go right, you just have to be positive at everything no matter what. In this world you got nothing to lose that you would kill yourself with stress and anxieties…No!!!

And no one is going to force you to be something you’re not, but positivity conquers all.

Trust in the Lord, be positive about everything, feel free, be calm, be at peace, the Lord will bless you…

Maybe that’s why others think the Lord doesn’t exist is because when they pray to him, they pray with negativity in them, that’s why things don’t go in a right way because being negative you’re serving the Devil, that’s what he wants you to be, and looking at the way we act, we allow him to overpower us which is not good…Be positive, calm down and see how blessed you will be.

Negativities are of evil so you can’t serve two masters, you can’t use evil to pray to the Lord, don’t get this wrong.

Jesus Christ knows what you’re going through, it’s not like he doesn’t care about you or something, but when you are free of mind, calm in any situation and positive about everything, he will answer your prayers.

To me he does, not because I know that life is not all about money and materialism, but spiritually he blessed me, he shows me the truth everyday, every question I ask him, he answers me and he can to because I’m positive and I’m calm and I TRUST HIM. Because I’m not a materialistic person, life is never about money and all these fancy things, to me achievements are never of money and other materialistic things, but achievements are when you are one with the Lord and knowing the truth and understanding the world…That is life, this world is not life, we are being tested in these world so don’t get too comfortable with it, don’t be one with it because it’s cold and lifeless. It’s meant to be destroyed so don’t be destroyed with it…

Published by Chlee


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