The first cut is the deepest
My heart never felt the richest
In a cold world I was
You came to rescue me
Oh that’s right
I really never knew who I was
Nor what’s part of me
Always felt empty
You came
Momma you gave me the feeling
I never felt
A feeling I always dreamt of
The feeling no human can live without
You gave me love
My world is bright because of you
You opened my doors that were locked
In other words
You were my key to locked doors
All my heart
That love again
I never knew how lucky I was
I have lost something valuable
All the memories we had
Can never be lost
They will always be in my heart
You’re a rare
So as the love you gave me was fair
Because kindness didn’t cost anything
You left something in me
A feeling I have always dreamt of
You left
Rare love

Published by Chlee


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